Meet the Staff

Paula Prentice-Tealer
Office Manager

Paula has worked with Dr.Stark-Vance since the practice opened February 14, 2000.  Paula has overseen virtually all aspects of the practice, from scheduling new patients, managing employees, preparing documentation, and preparing statements.  She is intimately involved with acquiring chemotherapy drugs for the

patients and following up on insurance denials.

Paula is very helpful to patients who have questions regarding their insurance benefits.  Paula previously worked as a paralegal and takes a keen interest in current court cases.


Outside the office, she is devoted to her family and her community.  

Lesley Thompson
Medical Assistant

Lesley has worked as a medical assistant in the practice for the last three years.  Lesley's friendly, outgoing demeanor has made her very popular among patients.  Lesley welcomes new patients to the practice, checks vital signs, and conducts the mini-mental status exams.  She also cares for patients who are receiving chemotherapy.  One of her most important roles, however, is calling insurance companies to obtain prior authorizations for medications or procedures.  Lesley works closely with Dr. Stark-Vance and Paula to obtain chemotherapy drugs for patients who are

unable to afford their treatments.